Tue Mar 21

LinkedIn Marketing

Live from #AWEurope the Sophisticated Marketer's Podcast hosted by @JasonMillerCA with special guest @RavBeest https://t.co/ThVUAWxvy3

Wed Mar 22


Scotland fans seeing they're a goal down to Canada... #SCOCAN https://t.co/FCHJGgzIEZ

Wed Mar 22 , Brooklyn, NY


#wednesdaywisdom https://t.co/JbiBiGOXEc

Fri Mar 17 , Liverpool, England

The Beatles Story

The Beatles began recording ‘She’s Leaving Home’ on this day in 1967: https://t.co/ATWBiWZEH6 #SgtPepper50 https://t.co/U42kwgss9y

Wed Mar 22

Shay Mitchell

#WednesdayWisdom 😇😇 https://t.co/kQva2fHSLi

Wed Mar 22 , London, UK

BBC Newsnight

The timeline of today's attack in London #Newsnight https://t.co/kR6RLkoQOR

Tue Mar 21 , Northern Ireland - UK

Jim Allister

Thoughts on the death of Martin McGuinness https://t.co/EyXsGQMvfR

Tue Mar 21 , United Kingdom

Think with Google UK

These are the 4 trends shaping the 'Age of Assistance' and the future of #Search📱#AWEurope https://t.co/Nc7kBCFCeR https://t.co/9gQJl3BScK

Wed Mar 22 , New York

The Verge

Before Netflix airs a Death Note film, watch the original show https://t.co/cQNVluCEoR https://t.co/bWmjDHp8j3

Wed Mar 22 , Utah

Joe Martin

"Transformation is all or nothing" Shantanu Narayen @adobe CEO #AdobeSummit #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/iwA0WJGQEU

Thu Mar 23

Nick Robinson

Thank you PC Keith Palmer who died defending democracy https://t.co/LqnSbNUVjW

Wed Mar 22 , The Netherlands

FOX Sports

Wat een knal! Lukas 'Prinz Poldi' #Podolski neemt op koninklijke wijze afscheid van Die Mannschaft. #duieng https://t.co/JG68puOl3a

Thu Mar 23 , Oakland, CA

Raquel Willis

Ok... #BigGuyTwitter. I see y'all... https://t.co/h8jOmD1Rhz

Wed Mar 22 , New York, NY

Business Insider

Gary Barlow on the music industry: 'Phones and selfies have changed everything' #AWEurope https://t.co/HxFzETsc2J https://t.co/dse48pgCnO

Wed Mar 22 , London, England

Steve O'Hear

PRs are already sending expert comment on the #TechNation report, so I made this handy guide: https://t.co/ih1UcA8u5P

Thu Mar 23 , Dallas, TX

Brandon Cloud

#ImProudToBe to be single. Really, super proud. I'm great. I'm fine. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT. https://t.co/ERXKm8kAiC

Wed Mar 22 , Europe

The Lovie Awards

"The tricks is: always stay true to what you make." @RoseEllenDix #AWEurope https://t.co/LL0un5wSzB

Tue Mar 21 , London

Paul Joseph Watson

Study: One Third of Young Muslims in France Think Terrorism is “Acceptable” - https://t.co/5xKhS7eHD8 https://t.co/BoecN45Kl1

Tue Mar 21 , Chicago

Daniel Newman

Experience is the sum total of every touch point a consumer has with your brand. #CustomerExperience #AdobeSummit https://t.co/MUlfPeRgkc

Thu Mar 23 , SoCal, Texas, Hawai'i

Kambree Kawahine Koa

HAHAHHAHHAHAHHA #AddTwitterRuinAFilm https://t.co/1Bzq05HnWP

Wed Mar 22 , Nationwide - Based NYC & SoCal


Lady & The Trump #AddTwitterRuinAFilm https://t.co/755S1Prn1Y

Wed Mar 22

FC Bayern English

Lukas #Podolski will captain @DFB_Team_EN in his final match tonight. 🇩🇪 🇨 #GERENG #PoldiButGoldie https://t.co/JmPUd7VHbw

Wed Mar 22 , Anfield, Liverpool

Liverpool FC

Liverpool Football Club is deeply saddened by the passing of Ronnie Moran https://t.co/YsCbabUWkp

Wed Mar 22

Hayley Barlow

Further Channel 4 News statement https://t.co/yA3xsCQ9ZU

Wed Mar 22 , Türkiye


Londra saldırısı failinin, Jamaika asıllı İngiliz vatandaşı Abu İzzadeen olduğu bildirildi https://t.co/QolV4o0g3F https://t.co/6vmEE3iF96

Wed Mar 22 , London via Gateshead

Sebastian Payne

The only image worth sharing today: heroic minister @Tobias_Ellwood trying to resuscitate stabbed policeman https://t.co/F4uze7z2lE

Tue Mar 21 , Everett, WA


Coming Soon: One Piece Keychain, Naruto Sasuke Lanyard, Death Note Pop!s! https://t.co/Ktj9aJapAN https://t.co/7BbWYLfODK

Wed Mar 22 , Westminster, London

Chris Ship

PC Keith Palmer. He was 48 https://t.co/aU5PJdT31H

Wed Mar 22

Match of the Day

The team news is in. Michael Keane and Jake Livermore both start for England 👉 https://t.co/clC1Xi0R3c #GERENG https://t.co/QXOGeK7MdJ

Wed Mar 22 , Houston, TX

Scott Kelly

Planet water. Let's do our part to conserve it and keep it clean. #WorldWaterDay https://t.co/0WkJ9Eqr4A

Tue Mar 21 , Virginia, USA

Brian Fanzo 😎

Transformation is ALL or Nothing! - Shantanu Narayen CEO OF @Adobe #AdobeSummit https://t.co/XVF6gh3M1u

Wed Mar 22 , Newark, NJ

Prudential Center

“Just live how you want.” - @BTS_twt #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/TpSwkq1fGr

Thu Mar 23 , Oxfordshire, UK


Snap snap... 📸 @MassaFelipe19 #AusGP #F1ForReal https://t.co/xvnZ8YfFhG

Wed Mar 22 , Scotland

Scottish FA

TEAM NEWS | Your Scotland team to face @CanadaSoccerEN #SCOCAN https://t.co/cLFGkpLhgg

Wed Mar 22

People Magazine

RIP: Police officer killed in #LondonAttacks was a husband and father https://t.co/TOE4t0XBEk https://t.co/jJxM2AIbbA

Wed Mar 22 , London, UK

BBC Newsnight

People were flying like footballs, eyewitness Ismail tells #newsnight's @JamesClayton5 #Westminster https://t.co/cwgqSXrFOb

Thu Mar 23 , Montgomery, AL

Jane Oranika

#BigGuyTwitter.... https://t.co/JAyFx4s8Xv

Tue Mar 21 , MediaCityUK, Salford

BBC Sport

Jake Livermore wants to make people 'proud' after his England call ➡️https://t.co/pgnVOC1GDc https://t.co/7pLXqr3BB1

Wed Mar 22 , France et Belgique

Netflix FR & BE

On commence ? Death Note, un film original Netflix inspiré du manga, le 25 août. https://t.co/9pcSoz48G4

Wed Mar 22 , Newcastle and London

Stephen Kelly

Great session to kick off #TechNation this morning. Loved the optimism for UK's digital future amongst the panel!🇬🇧 https://t.co/uUQOs9loEt